Candy Crush Saga Level 127 Tips: Hints, Help, Strategy to Win

Candy Crush Level 127 Tips and Help
Candy Crush level 127 is very easy to be played but no doubt you can still refer to these tips, hints, and cheats to beat it. 25 yellow, 25 purple, 25 moves, and 5,000 points are what you should keep in mind. Destroy only the top two rows of meringue blocks. This will give you more space to form special candies and combos. However, do not (if possible) clear the row of meringues that block the chocolate from spreading out. To put more challenge to this level, try to achieve 35,000 points so that you can walk away with 3 stars. We know this is easy but you can still refer to the video walkthrough below for more guide and strategy.

Candy Crush Level 127 Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 127 game
Level 127 – Wafer Wharf

Level 127 Difficulty and Target

Level 126 must passed in order to play Level 127. The target of the level 127 of Candy Crush Saga is to collect 25 purple candy and 25 yellow lemon drop candy in 25 moves. Scoring 5,000 points is a must but it is very easy to be achieved. The reward for Level 127 is to go to Level 128.

Level 127 Star Scores

??? 35000

?? 20000

? 5000

Candy Crush Saga Level 127 Strategy: Video Guide

Candy Crush Saga Level 127 – Video Help

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