Candy Crush Saga Level 147 Tips: Hints, Help, Strategy to Win

Candy Crush Level 147 Tips and Help
Candy Crush level 147 is one and the only hard level in Gingerbread Glade. Some people tried 100 attempts only beat the level 147. Well, you do not have to spend so much time to win this level with the tips and hints given here. It is important to know the rule of this level before you read the cheats. This level requires you to clear all the jelly in 50 moves and score 125,000. There are bombs around and you have to avoid them one by one. There are 18 two-layer meringues with double jelly underneath. So, you will have to clear a total number of 51 double jelly. With only 50 moves, it is impossible to do so. Obviously, the first tips for level 147 of Candy Crush Saga is – Combos.

First of all, you must clear the bomb and avoid it from exploding. Clear the bomb whenever there is on. You will die immediately if any bombs explode. Without distraction from bomb, clear the center column to open up the board. It is a must to clear the center column because it is very hard to clear the bomb if there is one fall in the top row. Spend a few moves to make matches beside center column and clear off some space.

Now the center is already open. Find chances to make horizontal striped candy to attack corner jellies. A combo will be good in this case. It will be perfect to match a striped candy and a wrapped candy and attack both corners at the same time. Remember, the jellies at the bottom corner are the hardest part of level 147 in Candy Crush Saga. So, it is a must to find any way to destroy them as early as possible. 50 moves is a lot for other level but it is considered less for the level of 147 due to all the tricky location of double jelly. The reason why many people need to try 100 times before they can go through the level 147 is those corner jellies. So, make sure you keep enough moves when you are about to attack these jellies. Tips and hints? Of course are combo and special candies. They are the only thing you can beat this level in no time. The best strategy is to use horizontal striped candy at the bottom row a few times. Then you will win this level easily.

Candy Crush level 147 important tips: If there is any bomb with the higher number than the moves you left, ignore it. Focus to finish the game and no point to waste your move for something that does not really matter at all. Use striped candy + wrapped candy at the bottom row. Make sure you save a lot of moves in the beginning then you can win it. Level 147 is not that hard as long as you know the tricks and techniques. See the video walkthrough below for more cheats to win Candy Crush level 147.

PS: Some readers said they have been on the level 147 for months, so it is a must to read all the tips carefully. Good Luck Candy Crusher!

Candy Crush Level 147 Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 147 game
Level 147 – Gingerbread Glade

Level 147 Difficulty and Target

Level 146 must passed in order to play Level 147. Score 125,000 in 50 moves. Sounds very easy but it is one hardest level in Candy Crush Saga. Most Candy Crush player will rate this as a difficult level. And yes, this is considered the top 10 hardest level in Candy Crush Saga. There are 6 types of candy in play so chances to make special candies are high. Use combo to target bottom row jellies especially those at corners. Two-layer meringues with double jelly underneath can be seen in this level too. The reward for Level 147 is to go to Level 148.

Level 147 Star Scores

??? 230000

?? 190000

? 125000

Candy Crush Saga Level 147 Strategy: Video Guide

Candy Crush Saga Level 147 – Video Help

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