Candy Crush Saga Level 33 Tips: Hints, Help, Strategy to Win

Candy Crush Level 33 Tips and Help
The Candy Crush level 33 is one of the most challenging levels in this game. An ordinary person with IQ less than 50 will find the puzzle in level 33 a hard thing to solve. However, this does not mean you cannot win this level. As long as there are cheats, tips, guide, tutorial, instructions, and a little help, anyone with IQ less than 10 is able to pass level 33. First of everything, understand the rules of level 33 is a must. Although there are only 16 jellies, you are given only 17 moves to clear all the jelly. These 16 jellies are separated into four grids with 4 x 4 double jelly blocks. Each grid is placed in the middle. With limited moves, that is very hard to win this game. However, there is a will, there is a way. Hints are always available.

Start your first move by searching for any match-4s. There will not be any match-5s because of the columns and rows. Start your moves from the bottom because this may create more moves to hit the double jelly twice or three times. With this strategy, you can double your 17 moves to 34 moves. The more striped candies you create, the chances to win this level are bigger. Vertical striped candies are the most helpful thing in level 33 and you cannot miss any chance to create striped candies. Try to shift any striped candy to fire double jelly and do not waste any of them.

If there is a chance to create wrapped candy, do not use it right away. Form another striped candy and make a combo. In Candy Crush level 33, one combo is equivalent to 5 moves. Check out our video guide below to pass Candy Crush level 33 if you still cannot pass this game after reading our hints and help.

Candy Crush Level 33 Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 33 game
Level 33 – Lemonade Lake

Level 33 Difficulty and Target

Level 32 must passed in order to play Level 33. Forget about 3-matches because a move spent for 3-matches will give you a fail. Look for 4-matches and work from the bottom to create double moves to clear the double jelly. Make striped candies when there is a chance. Patient is a must for level 33 and please do not throw away your iPad. The reward for Level 33 is to go to Level 34.

Level 33 Star Scores

??? 70000

?? 50000

? 32000

Candy Crush Saga Level 33 Strategy: Video Guide

Candy Crush Saga Level 33 – Video Help

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