Candy Crush Saga Level 11 Tips: Hints, Help, Strategy to Win

Candy Crush Level 11 Tips and Help
In our gaming life sometimes there are some levels are extremely hard to pass. That is why we need tips, cheats, hints, help, guide, or strategy to win the level. This is why CandyCrushRules is here. In level 11, there is nothing unique and you do not need to worry anything. In this level, you will see cherry appear on top and your task is to push it all the way down until it is disappear on the screen. Level 11 is known as ingredient level that is why you see cherry. 1000 points is enough to pass, 2000 points is what give you 2 stars while 3000 points is the key to get 3 stars for this stage.

Candy Crush Level 11 Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 11 game
Level 11 – Candy Factory

Level 11 Difficulty and Target

Level 10 must passed in order to play Level 11. Look for vertical candies because they are the one that help you to get the cherry to the bottom. Vertical candies clear row by row to allow more spaces for the cherry to fall to the bottom. Stay focus on the column that has ingredients. Match 4 or 5 if possible. The reward for Level 11 is to go to Level 12.

Level 11 Star Scores

??? 3000

?? 2000

? 1000

Candy Crush Saga Level 11 Strategy: Video Guide

Candy Crush Saga Level 11 – Video Help

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