Candy Crush Saga Level 111 Tips: Hints, Help, Strategy to Win

Candy Crush Level 111 Tips and Help
There are a lot of tips, hints, and cheats available here to guide you to beat Candy Crush level 111. This is the first level of Peppermint Palace and the new thing you will see in this episode is double meringues. In level 111, the creators of Candy Crush Saga hide double jelly underneath the double meringues. It is not considered a hard level and all you have to do is keep crushing, crushing, and crushing to win.

More than half of the board is filled with double meringues and you will not have a lot of probability to make special candies. Do not let go any opportunity to make a match-4s. Use special candies or combo to clear the center of the board. This is to allow more spaces for you to move on to win the game. If there is a chance to make colour bomb, do it and hold it until you place a striped candy next to it. You can then clear everything off at once by swapping both of them together.

Keep crushing until you are able to make moves on the bottom of the board. Now one tip you cannot missed: Concentrate to clear both jellies at left and right corners because they are the most difficult to clear. It is going to be late if you plan to clear them while you have 10 moves left. The key to success in the level 111 of Candy Crush Saga is to ignore everything else and stay focus to clear the jelly. Check out the video walkthrough for more guide and hints.

Read another tips and hints from another writer if the above is not tasty enough:

Welcome to the Peppermint Palace in Candy Crush level 111! Feel the excitement of meringues and jellies in this level as you will have lots of them here! You will not be timed to clear all the jellies, however you still need to make some 90000 points in 50 moves or less in order to get to next level. Start the game by making combos and clear yourself to bigger and larger area to play with. Begin from top to bottom. Though you may be facing quite some difficulty to clear the bottom left and bottom right of the board, it will be ok as long as you ignore the rest of the candies on top. The key of winning this level is to focus on clearing meringue or jelly in every step you do, or simply make new special candy for usage later on. Keep your eye on clearing the bottom of the board once you clear the upper part of it, as you will gain yourself some luck for the upper part through random matches. If you need a visualized guide, watch the video walk through for this level. You will find that conquering this level is not that difficult after all.

Candy Crush Level 111 Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 111 game
Level 111 – Peppermint Palace

Level 111 Difficulty and Target

Level 110 must passed in order to play Level 111. Try the best you can to make combos or create special candies such as vertical or horizontal stripes, and wrapped candy, because this not only helps you make out larger space to play with, but also increase your scores pretty much. If possible, make good use of color candy bomb as it will be a good helper in clearing more candies for you. The reward for Level 111 is to go to Level 112.

Level 111 Star Scores

??? 220000

?? 160000

? 90000

Candy Crush Saga Level 111 Strategy: Video Guide

Candy Crush Saga Level 111 – Video Help

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