Candy Crush Saga Level 112 Tips: Hints, Help, Strategy to Win

Candy Crush Level 112 Tips and Help
There are a lot of tips, hints, and cheats available here to guide you to beat Candy Crush level 112. You will only need a few strategies to free 4 ingredients in this level. First of all, look for any match-4s or match-5s to create special candies. If unfortunately you do not see any of them, look for match-3s below the meringues to break part of them. Keep crushing and focusing to create striped candies or wrapped candies. Use any of them to destroy the meringues and bring the ingredients all the way down to the bottom. When the meringues are gone, the board will open up and this is the time where you need to look for match-5s to make color bombs. The most powerful combo in Candy Crush Saga is nothing but combining two color bombs together. Never try before? You have to do it whenever chance is there.

There is only one ingredient on screen and the next one will come after you clear the first one or after 15 moves. 45 moves are fair enough for anyone to win this level. Do go through the video guide below if you really cannot win.

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Congratulations for landing into Candy Crush level 112! You will be playing with only 5 types of candy, which you shall find this setting pretty helpful later in this level. You will see that there will be three rows of meringue on the board initially, and your priority is of course to clear off these meringues with a horizontal striped candy if possible. There is no need to get rid of all meringue, as long as you are able to bring down the ingredients. The key to conquer this level is the use of striped candies, because you will be instantly bring down an ingredient once you able to place a vertical striped candy correctly. With only a few candy type, you can adjust some same color candies into one area and make striped candy to take out more space in lesser moves. As with quite common tricks to play with, if you can hold the color bombs and special candy long enough to make a larger clearing, then do it such way.

Candy Crush Level 112 Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 112 game
Level 112 – Peppermint Palace

Level 112 Difficulty and Target

Level 111 must passed in order to play Level 112. Your main focus in this level is to bring down 4 ingredients, namely 2 cherries and 2 nuts, and score 50000 points in 45 moves. So, no need to be stubborn to try to clear off all the meringue, as long as it is cleared enough to let you bring down the ingredients. Focus on clearing the candies in column wise, this will help a lot. The reward for Level 112 is to go to Level 113.

Level 112 Star Scores

??? 150000

?? 100000

? 50000

Candy Crush Saga Level 112 Strategy: Video Guide

Candy Crush Saga Level 112 – Video Help

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