Candy Crush Saga Level 113 Tips: Hints, Help, Strategy to Win

Candy Crush Level 113 Tips and Help
There are a lot of tips, hints, and cheats available here to guide you to beat Candy Crush level 113. Do not get shocked when you see all the meringues. Sometimes, things are a lot easier when it looks like it is hard. The level 113 is full with meringues and two licorice X blockers. All you have to do is keep crushing until the board is open. You will smile once the board is open because there are a lot of opportunities to make combos. Do not forget your target in this level is to bring 1 ingredient down and score 50,000 points. The ingredient is blocked by two licorice caged candy and a bunch of two-layer meringues. It is obviously a relax level but you have to keep going.

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Welcome to the Peppermint Palace and getting your hands on Candy Crush level 113! While you may be shocked a little bit by how things are being organized or shown as you enter the initial screen on this level, rest asure that you will find it pretty easy to complete than you may think. The key of beating this level is to play the board in either left or right side of it, that is, not downward, but sideways. You will find that bringing the ingredients down with combos that you had been pretty familiar with is not that difficult after all. And the best cheat you will ever get from this page is that, keep resetting the board until you get two locked candies of the same color, because you will be able to form better combinations and the chances to clear them out with color bomb would be higher. Relax and enjoy this level with the guide you just read through, look at the video walk through if you feel like getting more insights before you start!

Candy Crush Level 113 Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 113 game
Level 113 – Peppermint Palace

Level 113 Difficulty and Target

Level 112 must passed in order to play Level 113. You have 25 moves to bring down 1 ingredient and score at least 50000 points in this level. While new ingredient may appear after 15 moves or after you clear an existing ingredient, just keep your focus on making wrapped+striped candy combination as this is the best way to clear up the most meringues and get rid of the locked candies in the licoriceX! The reward for Level 113 is to go to Level 114.

Level 113 Star Scores

??? 125000

?? 75000

? 50000

Candy Crush Saga Level 113 Strategy: Video Guide

Candy Crush Saga Level 113 – Video Help

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