Candy Crush Saga Level 114 Tips: Hints, Help, Strategy to Win

Candy Crush Level 114 Tips and Help
There are a lot of tips, hints, and cheats available here to guide you to beat Candy Crush level 114. There are four scary bombs at the bottom of this board but you can ignore them. Those are 20-move candy time bomb and coincidently you too have 20 moves to complete the target. All you have to do is stay focus to score 15,000 points in the given moves. The board has 5 types of candy in play and there are chances where you can find match-4s and match-5s. Look for special candies as well as color bomb. Crush the meringues for more rooms and keep crushing for more points. You will walk to level 115 with 3 stars as long as you score 50,000 points. Sugar Crush!

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Landing in Candy Crush level 114 could be quite a blessing because this is quite a simple level to go with. It may seems a bit nervous as the bombs are placed at the bottom covered under so many layers, but hey, it is a 20 ticks time bombs and you are given 20 moves to complete the level, so what to worry about huh? However, if you can crush through to the bombs and detonates them with wrapped candies, you shall gain extra points which will give you a boost in scoring. So, try to use a color bomb with a wrapped candy wherever possible to help you achieve your score target earlier. If you think this is too easy for you and would like to see how other people could be playing as well, simply check out the video walkthrough for this level in this page for better guide.

Candy Crush Level 114 Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 114 game
Level 114 – Peppermint Palace

Level 114 Difficulty and Target

Level 113 must passed in order to play Level 114. You only need to score 15000 points in 20 moves, and the initial time bombs placed only ticks off in 20 moves, worry not! Combination of special candies will easily clear enough space to detonate the bombs and achieve your goal of 15,000. The reward for Level 114 is to go to Level 115.

Level 114 Star Scores

??? 50000

?? 35000

? 15000

Candy Crush Saga Level 114 Strategy: Video Guide

Candy Crush Saga Level 114 – Video Help

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