Candy Crush Saga Level 142 Tips: Hints, Help, Strategy to Win

Candy Crush Level 142 Tips and Help
Welcome to Candy Crush level 142 in the Gingerbread Glade episode! You will need quite some luck in order to pass through this level. One useful tip here is that even though the meringues are blocking your way, you do not need to clear every piece of them, just get rid of the columns that are useful for you to collect the required ingredients. The key to winning this level is the clever use of vertical stripe candies, which has always been the greatest weapon in many cases. However, some patience may be needed as timing is also a concern to get the vertical stripe candy in line with an ingredient. You may also consider making color bombs or wrapped + striped candy combos. Just remember to enjoy the process while playing in this level. Have fun!

Candy Crush Level 142 Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 142 game
Level 142 – Gingerbread Glade

Level 142 Difficulty and Target

Level 141 must passed in order to play Level 142. Featuring 1-layer, 2-layer, and 3-layer meringues, you have to strategically break some of them and buy yours3more space while scoring 30000 points in 35 moves. Do not forget to free 2 nuts and 2 cherries at the same time. The reward for Level 142 is to go to Level 143.

Level 142 Star Scores

??? 100000

?? 70000

? 30000

Candy Crush Saga Level 142 Strategy: Video Guide

Candy Crush Saga Level 142 – Video Help

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