Candy Crush Saga Level 165 Tips: Hints, Help, Strategy to Win

Candy Crush Level 165 Tips and Help
Seems like your life in the Pastille Pyramid episode will not be ending without dealing with chocolates. As you enter Candy Crush level 165 you will see four chocolate fountains scattered on each corner of the board, with a 7 move bombs waiting to be blown off at the center. So it is pretty obvious that first thing first, tackle the bomb before it blows off your dream to get to the next level. And keep an eye on whatever new bombs coming in, which, not likely too many in this level.

Note also that you should not let the chocolates limit your moves as they spreading across the board. Not only leave you with smaller space, they also prevent the candies from dropping in. So keep them under control as they could be coming in from almost everywhere due to the placement of the fountains. Though the chocolates may accidentally help you eat up the bomb, never rely on your enemy to clear your enemy.

While one of the tasks is to collect 99 blue candy, it seems that the supply could be very limited. So grab any opportunities you can to get that blue color into your collection. Blue is all you shall keep in mind for this level as it is one of the tricky parts to stop you from proceeding to next level. Special candy combinations will be helpful to get a cascading of blue candies. If you find it a bit difficult, check out our video walk through. Blue oh blue….

Candy Crush Level 165 Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 165 game
Level 165 – Pastille Pyramid

Level 165 Difficulty and Target

Level 164 must passed in order to play Level 165. This is a collect orders type of level that requires you to get 99 blue candy, 49 yellow lemon drop candy and 24 green candy in 60 moves, while hit a target score of 50000 points. Clear the bomb and any bombs that could terminate your way in the game, and do not let the chocolates block the upper board to keep candies from falling down. Keep focus on the blue candies collection, and you shall find yourself safe landing into the next level. The reward for Level 165 is to go to Level 166.

Level 165 Star Scores

??? 120000

?? 80000

? 50000

Candy Crush Saga Level 165 Strategy: Video Guide

Candy Crush Saga Level 165 – Video Help

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