Candy Crush Saga Level 166 Tips: Hints, Help, Strategy to Win

Candy Crush Level 166 Tips and Help
Woohoo! Welcome to Candy Crush level 166 where you are served with evenly spread chocolate fans that may blow your mind off! Thanks to the timed level type that you cannot reset your board for the best start as well! Pretty cool, so how to get out from here? Worry not, as this page will definitely give you the guide and tips in order to beat the level, in a very practical way. As with any timed level, you should grab whatever +5s opportunities you can as possible to give yourself more time in the level and hit the target score. Though the chocolates may seems to be almost everywhere, keep your eye on the top of the board as chocolates placed there will block new candies from coming in. The key to win this level is do whatever matches you can to collect points. Forget about the combos and just make whatever you can as you will be racing with time. This is going to be a need for speed level, so keep making matches wherever you can and just focus on collecting the target points to get you pass this level.

Candy Crush Level 166 Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 166 game
Level 166 – Pastille Pyramid

Level 166 Difficulty and Target

Level 165 must passed in order to play Level 166. A timed level that gives you 2 minutes, or 120 seconds to score up to 15000 points. Straight forward task that requires speed. Keep the chocolates out of top from blocking new candies dropping down, make fast moves to collect your points. And in a blink of an eye you may find yourself landing into next level. Fast and furious! The reward for Level 166 is to go to Level 167.

Level 166 Star Scores

??? 35000

?? 25000

? 15000

Candy Crush Saga Level 166 Strategy: Video Guide

Candy Crush Saga Level 166 – Video Help

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