Candy Crush Saga Level 79 Tips: Hints, Help, Strategy to Win

Candy Crush Level 79 Tips and Help
Welcome to Candy Crush level 79. This level has almost everything that makes you forget how was Candy Crush level 70. In level 79, the first thing you have to clear is the 2 chocolate at the bottom. You must start to play your game with the aim to clear the 2 chocolate otherwise they will spread around and take over your board until you feel like to give up this level. Do not let the chocolate cover the jelly. Thanks to the licorice blockers, they are able to stop the chocolate from spreading until they are cleared. Make wrapped candies or striped candies to clear all the jelly. Do not let go any chance to make match-5s. Forget about scoring because you will pass this level as long as all the jellies are cleared.

Keep resetting your board if it is too difficult for you to start the game. With only 40 moves for level 79, a bad start will lead to failure. Keep resetting your board on your iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet. Lives will be losing if you keep resetting your board on PC.

Keep in mind that there are double jellies all over the top of the board and they have to be cleared too. Spend your first 10 to 15 moves to make as much as striped candies or any special candies you can. Keep all the special candies because they are the power to let you win the game until the time is right. Clear the chocolate, release the licorice blockers, and then use all the special candies to attack the board and clear the jelly once. This is what we called Bravo!

Candy Crush Level 79 Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 79 game
Level 79 – Easter Bunny Hills

Level 79 Difficulty and Target

Level 78 must passed in order to play Level 79. Without scoring any point but if all the jelly are cleared, you can pass this level. There will be 5 types of candy in play and this level features candy pieces covered in double jelly. You will need a few more moves to clear a double jelly. The reward for Level 79 is to go to Level 80.

Level 79 Star Scores

??? 180000

?? 120000

? 0

Candy Crush Saga Level 79 Strategy: Video Guide

Candy Crush Saga Level 79 – Video Help

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